Cromox Pump Chains CPK

Cromox Pump Chains CPK, Stainless Grade 60, welded, tested. Versatile heavy-duty solutions.
These pump chains enable safe lifting and lowering of sewer and dewatering pumps and aeration devices. Supplied with W.L.L. tag and certificate. Standard spacing is around 40" between the midpoint of the master links. Customized lengths, spacing and configurations are available upon request.
  • Size

    Type W.L.L. lbs Master Link " Chain " Joining Link "
    KW-CPK4 770 0.31x2.13x1.18 0.16x0.63 0.20x0.87x0.35
    KW-CPK5 1,320 0.39x3.15x1.97 0.20x0.59 0.24x1.02x0.51
    KW-CPK6 1,980 0.51x4.33x2.36 0.24x0.71 0.31x1.38x0.75
    KW-CPK7 2,640 0.51x4.33x2.36 0.28x0.83 0.31x1.38x0.75
    KW-CPK8 3,300 0.51x4.33x2.36 0.31x0.94 0.39x1.73x0.98
    KW-CPK9 4,400 0.51x4.33x2.36 0.35x1.06 0.39x1.73x0.98
    KW-CPK10 5,290 0.63x4.33x2.36 0.39x1.18 0.51x2.13x0.98
    KW-CPK13 8,480 0.87x6.30x3.54 0.51x1.54 0.63x2.76x1.34
    KW-CPK16 Gr.50 11,020 0.87x6.30x3.54 0.63x1.89 0.71x3.35x1.57
    KW-CPK18 Gr.50 15,430 1.02x7.09x3.94 0.71x2.13 0.87x4.53x1.97
  • Operating Instructions

  • Please Note:  Infiltration

    Infiltration is when water, other than sanitary wastewater, enters a sewer system from the ground through defective pipes, pipe joints, connections, or manholes. The main concern to us here is when that " other water" is sea water, or saline groundwater. Please contact us if this applies to your pump pit / system.

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