Stainless Chain, Commercial, Medium Link, Proof Coil

This Stainless Steel Proof Coil Chain is manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel. US Stainless proof coil chain is stronger than commercial grade stainless steel chain. This chain has been subjected to a Proof Load that is half of its minimum breaking load (MBL). It is available from ¼” to 3/8”. Uses include dragging chain or lashing chain in stationary applications where corrosion resistance is critical. 
Not rated for overhead lifting.

Sold by the foot - for more than 10 feet, add any quantity to your cart and then edit the quantity in the cart
  • Size

    Commercial Chain, Medium Link, Proof Coil, AISI 316 Nominal Imperial ø Inside Length Outside Width Proof Load W.L.L 5:1 Safety Factor lbs Breaking Load lbs
    SS-CHPC-06 1/4" 1.18" 1.02" 3,900 1,500 7,900
    SS-CHPC-08 5/16" 1.26" 1.18" 4,700 1,890 9,460
    SS-CHPC-10 3/8" 1.61" 1.5" 6,950 2,800 14,000
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